FAQ - About Part Design

Q2. i now have a complex solid with a long specification tree. Every time when i modify a feature in the middle of the tree, the system will compute a whole tree again that takes a long time. How can i ask the system compute a part of the tree?

  • Select Tools/ Options on the menu bar; Select the tab page "infrastructure/Part infrastructure/General" and then select "Manual Update" (Fig1)

  • In Fig2, if we modify "Pad.1", all downstream features will have an "Update" indicator (Fig.3) on their icons. The model will not be updated until we activate.

  • Now, for example, if we right-click at "Pad.2" and select "Local Update", the update computation will be executed from the first feature of the tree to "Pad.2" only. The features after "Pad.2" will not be updated. (Fig.4)